Coffee Workshops & Professional Coffee Courses

sensory ZERO organizes various coffee workshops almost every week.

The Journey of Coffee ... learn more about coffee origins, processing methods and their tasting characteristics. It's a seed to cup experience.

Espresso & Latte Art ... learn and practice with our experienced barista trainer on how to prepare world standard espresso and amazing free pour latte patterns.

Cupping Like a Pro ... go beyond tasting as a consumer, learn the world's professional protocols in coffee tasting and being welcome to many cupping opportunities in Hong Kong and around the world.

Roasting Experience ... our Roasting Experience workshop is led by international reputed Authorized SCA Trainer & Certifier. Students with 100% attendance are eligible to top up classroom/practical roasting hours, pass SCA written & practical exams to obtain a SCA Roasting Foundation Certificate.

For other Professional Level SCA CSP & CQI Q Grader courses, please visit our professional coffee education division: Coffee Lab Asia