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Smart G Electric Handy CoffeeGrinder

NEW Manual/electric combo mill with 24g capacity. Can be used as both a manual and an electric mill as needed. The motor has the power to handle hard, lightly-roasted coffee beans, eliminating the time and effort required for grinding by hand using conventional coffee mills. The compact size and lithium-ion battery make this mill highly portable, allowing you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of freshly-ground coffee wherever you are.

Handy Coffee grinder Holder Grinder: ABS resin

Charging jack lid: Silicone rubber

Socket: Steel

Protective film for screen: PET resin

Holder: PMMA resin

Burrs: Ceramic



Smart G 電動+手動兼容式磨豆機組合




USB充電,以 20g / 約60秒的情況下,約可用25次

電源:鋰電子蓄電池 3.7V 2200mAh


產品尺寸:長59×寬53×高332 mm (組裝後)
容量:咖啡粉24g 1-2人用

Smart G 電動+手動兼容式磨豆機組合 Smart G Electric Handy Coffee Grinder

    • Flat fee as low as HK$30 to local address in Hong Kong​
    • All orders HK$300 and over qualify for free local shipping
    • OR collect at sensory ZERO cafe with no handling/shipping fee
  • General Usage: Our cups are dishwasher friendly, however, please avoid microwaving.
    Caution: Avoid handling cups with liquid over 80 degrees without a heat band.
    Heat Bands: If you're a tea/ long black drinker, ask for a complementary heat band at your Retainr retailer.
    Cleaning Tips: We recommend removing the silicon sealer and stopper before cleaning.

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