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Introducing you our new products by sensory ZERO and Mezzanine Makers,  COFFEE GIN TONIC, which are best for summer time!

"s0 blend" coffee bean, blended with 5 specialty coffee from Americas & East Africa combining washed and natural coffee to produce a super balance of floral, fruity and choco nutty flavour, is being used as one of the main ingredients sourced by our "Q Grader" team.

Infused with the distinctive herbal bitterness of Chinese gentian root and the uniquely minty fragrance from the locally-farmed perfume lemon, the herbal tonic water mixed with coffee with Gin to bring you the unique refreshing taste! 


Coffee Gin Tonic

Volume: 250 ml /can

ABV: 4%

Ingredients: cold brew coffee tonic fortified with an extra dose of gin.



係由 sensory ZERO 的 Q Grader 咖啡鑑定師團隊鑽研了五種來自中南美及東非水洗及天然日曬之咖啡,成就嘅 sensory ZERO "s0 Blend" (“s”“zero” blend) 集花香、水果及朱古力堅果風味超平衡感味,配搭以龍膽草的草藥甘香為引及港產香水檸檬獨有香茅風味的草本湯力水,調製出層次豐富的咖啡湯力



容量:    250 ml /罐

ABV: 4%

成份:   冷泡咖啡湯力加適量氈酒調製

sensory ZERO X Mezzanine Makers Coffee Gin Tonic

PriceFrom HK$48.00
    • Flat fee as low as HK$30 to local address in Hong Kong​
    • All orders HK$300 and over qualify for free local shipping
    • OR collect at sensory ZERO cafe with no handling/shipping fee
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