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This gift box is the perfect present on special occasions for coffee lovers or treating yourself to boost your daily vibe!


Gift Content

Enjoy 4 expertly-curated coffees from the world's top producing regions.


Each gift-set comes with:

Whole Bean 54g/can x4

Drip Bag 12g/pack x4


Colombia | Finca La Piragua | Anaerobic Natural 

Flavor Notes: Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Muscat Grape, Malt


Papua New Guinea | Eastern Highlands Boka | Washed

Flavor Notes: Ceylon, Apple, Cinnamon, Silky mouthfeel


Brazil | Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral | Tropical Natural

Flavor Notes: Red Bean, Cashew, Pu’er Tea, Date


Ethiopia | Bombe Kebele Tamiru Tadesse | Natural

Flavor Notes: Bergamot, Guava, Strawberry, Chamomile


Roasted and packed in Hong Kong.

sensory ZERO Coffee Bean & Drip Bag Gift Box

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