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<<sensory is an art -  Milk Pitcher >>  is a perfect companion for professional baristas. The spout, coupled with its specially-designed handle, allows for smooth and accurate pouring. Furthermore, its Teflon coating makes it strong and easy to clean after each use by simply rinsing. 

Price:              $ 288


Volume:         450ml

Material:        Stainless Steel with Teflon non-stick coated

Color:             Matt Black with logo

Descriptions :

-        Easy to clean after each use by simply rinsing

-        The  unique shape of the handle improves overall weight and balance for pouring

-        The sharp spout tip is slightly curved for a delicate and beautiful shape

-        Designed in Hong Kong . Designed for coffee professionals . Product of Sensory Artisan



感味是一門藝術 - 《感味宮匠 - 斜口咖啡拉花壺》為專業咖啡師設計之工具系列


斜口咖啡拉花壺能增加倒流槽長度與深度,提高奶泡釋放效率,製作拉花圖案時,奶泡得到充分的釋放,減少分層 是咖啡師最佳拍檔。 特別設計的手柄縮短把手內徑距離, 增加壺身重量,提高平衡力更易掌握節奏。 配合略尖外曲咀口勾畫線條更顯細膩,具有美感可順暢準確的澆注。 此外,拉花堅固的特氟龍塗層,也易於保養清洗使用。無論是新手亦可一壺在手拉出心中完美圖案。

價格 :              $ 288


容量:         450ml

材質:        不銹鋼, 不粘的塗層

顏色:         黑色



-        高質不銹鋼, 不粘的塗層易於清潔

-        手柄縮短把手內徑距離, 增加壺身重量,提高平衡力更易掌握節奏

-        咀略尖外曲,勾畫線條更顯細膩,具有美感

-        香港設計. 感味宮匠的產品 . 為專業咖啡師設計

SENSORY ARTISAN 咖啡拉花用斜口奶壺 Cafe Latte Milk Pitcher

    • Flat fee as low as HK$60 to local address in Hong Kong​
    • All orders HK$500 and over qualify for free local shipping
    • OR collect at sensory ZERO cafe with no handling/shipping fee
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