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*** self pickup at sensory ZERO cafe ***Bringing artpiece from gallery to your dining table.我們相信藝術源於日常生活,Sensory Art Project 希望將香港本地藝術作品從遙遠的博物館帶到我們的日常生活之中。第一個籌備已久的Sensory Art Project, 有幸能邀請到管偉邦(香港當代水墨畫家)以2019年的《獅子山》作為創作題材,將我們心目中的獅子山變成一樣生活用品,從而讓人從生活中思想香港人的精神。(作者及作品詳細資料可到最後段參考)「 過去,我們每個人在香港都失去了一點東西,但同時在經歷中亦學會了一點東西,讓我們再看這座山時,此山已不再是彼山了。」— 管偉邦Original Artwork 原作真蹟Artwork Information | ink on silk, 2020, tetraptych, 25 x 25 cm each panel 作品資料 | 水墨絹本,2020,四屏,25 x 25 公分 [每屏][Sensory Art Project - 獅子山300套限量版](1) SQUARE Plates x 4pcs/setPlate size: Length 24.5cm x Width 24.5cm; Height 2.5cm each Material: PorcelainMade & printed by Loveramics(2) Paulownia Wood Box 桐木盒 - with Handwritten Calligraphic Inscription & Seal on the lid(3) Certificate with Handwritten Edition Number (1-300^) & Signature(4) Outer Paper Box & Bag for Extra ProtectionPrice: $2,800/set*Self-Pickup at Wong Chuk Hang sensory ZERO Headquarter (by appointment only)^Numbered Certificate randomly assigned—Translation|The Lion Rock originally was a propitious guard of heaven. Due to quelling an upheaval caused by nine dragons, it descended to the world. Later on, it sat in the north region of Kowloon on the purpose of protecting Kong Kong. Since the 1970s, the mountain has represented the spirit of Hong Kong people, who never gave up their struggle in pursuit of idealism. In this century, some people hanged giant vertical banners on the mountaintop and organised the Hong Kong Way with the laser light along the mountain range, giving us the generic impression of the Lion Rock at the end of the day. Koon Wai Bong.釋文|獅子山,委實是天上的神獸。那時,祂為降伏那作惡不赦的九條惡龍,故下凡香江,其後一直匍匐於九龍靠北,守護着我們的香港。自上世紀七十年代起,此山象徵著我們香港人追求理想、百折不撓的精神。迨本世紀,有港人於此獅子山山頂掛巨型直幡,有人於其山脊放鐳射光和組人鏈,這些最後都成為我們對獅子山的印象。管偉邦。Koon Wai Bong | Hong Kong-based ink artist. He received his B.A. and M.F.A. from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and his D.F.A. from RMIT University. He exhibited widely across Hong Kong, Mainland, Taiwan, US, UK, Germany, Belgium and Singapore. His paintings have been collected by Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University, M+, Hong Kong Museum of Art and CUHK’s Art Museum. He is the Associate Professor of The Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.管偉邦|香港當代水墨藝術家,於香港中文大學取得文學學士及藝術碩士,並於澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學修畢藝術博士學位。管氏展出於香港、中國、台灣、美國、英國、德國、比利時和新加坡等地,作品收藏包括美國三藩市亞洲藝術博物館、洛杉磯郡藝術博物館、牛津大學阿什莫林博物館、M+、香港藝術館,以及香港中文大學文物館。現任為香港浸會大學視覺藝術院副教授。

Sensory Art Project - 獅子山 300套限量版

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