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SCENTONE Sensory Intermediate Certificate Course 
咖啡風味鑑定師證書課程 (中級) 

The SCENTONE Training System is very different from traditional coffee sensory training approach. It follows the industrial standard flavorists training framework. 
SCENTONE 的香味訓練模式有別於傳統的咖啡香味訓練,它是根據風味鑑定師業界的標準所訂製出來的訓練系統。 

☕ Official SCENTONE training materials SCENTONE 官方教材 
☕ SCENTONE authorized trainer, certificate issued by SCENTONE Flavorist Institute
SCENTONE 學院認證導師教授,證書由韓國直接頒授 
☕ Olfactory Training 嗅覺中級訓練 
☕ Taste Training 味覺中級訓練
☕ Coffee Science 咖啡中的科學知識

Participants having completed SCENTONE Sensory Foundation Certificate Course. Barista, Roaster, Q-grader or Coffee Taster. 已完成 SCENTONE 咖啡風味鑑定師基礎證書課程。 咖啡師,咖啡烘焙師,Q-grader 或咖啡品嚐師。
Targeted for participants to understand the visual, olfactory, gustatory and tactile information on differences in aroma and taste expressed in coffee. Perception and quantitative analysis of coffee to enable identification and description of specific features. Acquire basic scientific knowledge about the physiochemical properties of coffee flavor in substances. Cupping (tasting) to learn about the 
protocol and how to conduct a basic assessment in cupping.
通過定量分析去描述咖啡的具體特徵。 了解咖啡中的物理化學性質的基礎科學知識。 了解咖啡杯測(品嚐)和如何進行基本評估。

SCENTONE Sensory Intermediate Certificate Course

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