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While Single Origin Espresso (SOE) is the trend, daily coffee drinkers still prefers a Traditional Italian Espresso. At sensory ZERO, our Sensory Artisan team fully understands this dilemma. Sensory Artisan is a 100% Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Licensed Q Grader-team, we truly appreciate the unique delicate coffee flavors from every single origin. With the inspiration from International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC), we also understand the artisanal spirit of Italian espresso. Italian roasters blend their espresso with at least 4-5 types of coffee  Italian customers look for a stable quality rather than surprises. With this important principle in mind, we strive to stabilize the taste of everyday coffee blend. How do we pertain the spirit of traditional espresso in a 3rd wave coffee world? We researched & developed "sensory ZERO" (s0) blend with 6 specialty coffee from Central/South America & East Africa with a combination of washed and natural coffee to produce a super balance coffee.

s0 blend (1kg/200g)

PriceFrom HK$150.00

買滿$300或以上以$700加購Makita Coffee Maker

  • Net weight:1kg


    • Flat fee as low as HK$30 to local address in Hong Kong​
    • All orders HK$300 and over qualify for free local shipping
    • OR collect at sensory ZERO cafe with no handling/shipping fee
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