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The party is over, please come to one of our specialty coffee shops to taste this amazing Cascara Cream Ale.

Limited edition of box set is available.
What's included in the box set?
One bottle of "Geisha Cascara Cream Ale"
One bottle of "Geisha Cascara - the dried  husk of coffee cherries"
One special design beer glass by Moonzen
HK$200/set ... available in both shops

* Party is over *
Date: August 10, 2017 
Time: 7:00 - 9:30pm
Venue: sensory ZERO, eslite spectrum, Taikoo Cityplaza

Do you know what we have given brew to the world in August 2016?
"She" is evolving, "she" is approaching August 2017 in a very different way

*We guarantee it's a lifetime experience, the first to taste SA x Moonzen "Mysterious" Beer of the year!

Mysterious party 神秘的なパーティー

Out of Stock
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