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  • cup set of 3 designed by Sensory Artisan for sensory ZERO
  • 80ml, 200ml, & 300ml cups & saucer
  • Perfectly designed to serve a single or double espresso
  • A special design inspired by Monster, Raijin 雷神 (god of thunder), Fūjin 風神 (god of wind) in the from ZERO to HERO series


- 由sensory ZERO 設計的 意式咖啡專用杯 (容量80,200,300毫升);

- 適合單份或雙份的濃縮咖啡基底;

- 設計靈感原自 Monster (怪物),RAIJIN (雷神)和Fūjin( 風神),為from ZERO to HERO的系列之一。

sensory ZERO咖啡專用杯套裝(一套3款) Ceramic Cups Collection Set of 3

HK$520.00 Regular Price
HK$450.00Sale Price
    • Manufactured under SCAE and SCAA standards
    • Thickest possible wall keeps coffee at right temperature
    • Round base allows full flavour to be developed
    • Very dense body (<0.5% absorption rate)
    • Commercial grade high fired porcelain at 1300℃
    • Latte Cup: Diameter 10cm ; Height 6.5cm ; Volume 300ml
    • Latte Saucer: Diameter 15.5cm ; Height 2.5cm
    • Cappuccino Cup: Diameter 9.5cm ; Height 5.5cm ; Volume 200ml
    • Cappuccino Saucer: Diameter 14.5cm ; Height 2.5cm
    • Espresso Cup: Diameter 6.5cm ; Height 5.5cm ; Volume 80ml
    • Espresso Saucer: Diameter 11.5cm ; Height 2cm
    • Flat fee as low as HK$60 to local address in Hong Kong​
    • All orders HK$500 and over qualify for free local shipping
    • OR collect at sensory ZERO cafe with no handling/shipping fee
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