While Single Origin Espresso (SOE) is the trend, daily coffee drinkers still prefers a Traditional Italian Espresso. At sensory ZERO, our Sensory Artisan team fully understands this dilemma. Sensory Artisan is a 100% Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Licensed Q Grader-team, we truly appreciate the unique delicate coffee flavors from every single origin. With the inspiration from International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC), we also understand the artisanal spirit of Italian espresso. Italian roasters blend their espresso with at least 4-5 types of coffee  Italian customers look for a stable quality rather than surprises. With this important principle in mind, we strive to stabilize the taste of everyday coffee blend. 

當單品意式特濃咖啡成為現今流行之趨勢 , 與此同時每日都需要嘆咖啡之啡友仍期望著一杯傳統意式咖啡。於 sensory ZERO, 我們的感味宮匠團隊深明這兩難。感味宮匠為百份百"咖啡質量研究所" CQI 認證咖啡鑑定師 Q grader 團隊, 我們衷心欣賞來自世界各國源產地之精緻咖啡風味。同時受意式咖啡品鑑師學院 IIAC 之啟發, 使我們明白到意式特濃咖啡既工匠精神。意大利烘焙師一般會使用四至五種咖啡來作為拼配。意大利之咖啡客人, 不求驚喜但求穩定之咖啡 . 憑此宗旨, 我們每天都在追求穩定既咖啡味道。在第三波精品咖啡世界中, 如何保持傳統意式特濃咖啡既精神? 我們讚研了來自中南美洲之咖啡, 成就了 "Chocolaty Blend" 這一款超平衡感味之咖啡。sensory ZERO 咖啡拼配及調製技術為客人提供了朱古力堅果風味的選擇。

Chocolaty blend "espresso roast" (200g)

Grind Size
  • Net weight: 200g

    Gross weight: 323g

    Can dimension: 125 H x 115 W x 60 D mm

    • Flat fee as low as HK$60 to local address in Hong Kong​
    • All orders HK$500 and over qualify for free local shipping
    • OR collect at sensory ZERO cafe with no handling/shipping fee



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